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One Day tours ( visiting importent places) 9am - 6pm

 Taxi type : Indica A/c

No. Pax : 3 Max 

 Rate : 1600/- ( Cost includes :-  1day AC transportation, fuel, Drivers batha)

Timing :9 am - 7pm

    Meet our Representative  on your hotel ( arount 2 km around Munnar city)  and proceed to Sightseeing 

1; Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary, ( rajaqmala) located 15 kms from Munnar is the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. Half the world population of the rare mountain goat is concentrated in this region. The animal is fast becoming extinct.The Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. The rich vegetation in this locality makes it one of the most prolific places to visit. The Rajamala wildlife sanctuary is famous for its collection of the great Nilgiri Tahr.

TATA tea museum:great TATA tea museum is the place where one can see all the processes of tea making. A sundial is placed on a granite block and that was made in 1913 by the Art Industrial School at Nazareth, Tamil Nadu. At the tea museum the burial urn from the second century BC, which was found near Periakanal estate is placed.

Mattupetty direction Routs:

Madupetti/Mattupetty direction Forest rose garden, Munnar

» Forest Rose Garden(2 km from Munnar)

» Photo Point(4 Km from Munnar)

» Jungle Honey Bee Nest(3 km from Munnar)

                                This is the fantastic route where you can fully enjoy the wet and green Munnar. Munnar rose garden has a good variety of flowers. They also sell some plants. Photo point is a place where you can take photos with a tea estate background, this is really an excellent location. Jungle honey bee nest is the tree wherein you can see a number of bee hives on the same tree.



Forest rose garden, Munnar

(13 Km from Munnar)                  Mattupetty lake and dam in Munnar is famous for its Indo-Swiss livestock project. There are eleven cattle sheds out of which tourists are allowed to see three cattle sheds. Madupetty meand cattle village. The Shola forests around Madupetty is famous for its trekking and bird watching. There are a lot of varieties of birds to watch. Also the small streams and waterfalls here and there in the forest is a feast for the eyes.


» Horse and Elephant Ride (14 km from Munnar)     Horse ride and elephant ride will be really good. The elephant ride would cost around Rs.400/-. Everywhere you get fresh carrots to eat. Eating the Munnar carrots and riding on the elephant is really a wonderful experience.

» Shooting point (13 km from Munnar)

» Elephant arrival spot, Anayirangal (14 km from Munnar)

» Echo point (20 Km from Munnar)                            Don’t ever miss the echo point at Munnar-Kundalai route. The green gorgeous mountains repeats whatever we say. However it does not echo when it rains. In the lake in the echo point boating is allowed. The echo point has a very good shopping spot – to empty your pocket. 

» Kundalai dam (26 Km from Munnar)              Kundalai has a nine hole golf course that draws golf lovers towards it. Kunadai is a picturesque place and the most photographed place is the Kundalai Lake guarded by big mountains. Kundalai dam is Asia’s first arch dam. For boating special Kashmiri shikkar boats, pedal boats and row boats are available. Top view point gives you the clear view of a portion of Tamil Nadu.

After visiting the places proceeding to Enjoi the martial arts Kathakali on 5pm To 6 Pm, kathakali pm To 7 Pm.